EPCASO was founded in 1981 by the late Claudia Pinza, to honor her father, the great operatic basso, Ezio Pinza.
EPCASO has decided that this year’s program will be in memory of founder Claudia Pinza.
The participant’s primary focus will be to prepare a staged version of L’Elisir d’Amore with piano. Participants will work intensely five days a week, Monday through Friday. Additionally, the Program will focus on:
  • Preparing for a career in opera
  • How to work with conductor
  • Movement and body awareness
  • Conditioning the voice for performance
  • Working with performance energy, and
  • A blueprint for preparing a role

Training schedule includes:

• Technique on voice and technical repertoire
with Kevin Glavin

• Italian diction with Diba Alvi

• Coaching with Mary Jane Austin

• Coaching with Gianni Cappelletto

• Staging with Erik Kroncke


• Special Advanced Training session
with Maestro Maurizio Arena (one week)

• Master Class with by Maria Chiara